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  1. According to the characteristics of the fuse industry and the research condition, We applied ZPrinter310 system to produce the fuze prototypes and used these prototypes to help design in the project argumentation phase, got the final project; Then we applied AFS-320 rapid prototyping system to produce the noumenon, analyzed the noumenon`s precision、surface quality and performance of material mechanics in detail, based on these analytic results, we considered to use the noumenon in the fuze local performance test and some laboratory experimentations; At last we discussed how to combine the rapid tooling and precision foundry to produce batch of samples, we can apply these samples in the fuze system and ball cartridge experimentation.


  2. The analytical systems for both total and organic mercury determinations consisted of two four-way rotary valves (Rheodyne, Inc., Cotati, CA) which could alternately connect two adsorbent traps to a single gas-liquid separator and to the AFS.


  3. This paper discusses the analysis of non-metal elements by following ways:Determination of P, S and Si by IC P-AES; Determination of Cl, P and S by IC; Determination of trace As by polarograph and HG-AFS; Determination of Se by IC P-AES and fluorometry; Determination of F, Cl and I by GB.


  4. As part of the programme, AFS * students try to tell people about their own culture.


  5. My 80 - 200 AFS only makes it to 5 feet.

  我的80 - 200 AFS也只可正在比来5英尺对焦。

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  6. Results In 1993, AFS were thought to be exist possibly, and it was confirmed in recent years.

  结果 1993 年有琢磨提出AFS 存正在的不妨性。

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  7. But these AFs are not independent, which affect each other.


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  8. As part of the programme, AFS* students try to tell people about their own chlture.


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  9. Therefore our focus is on how to reduce the complexity of AFS structure effectively.


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  10. In this paper, the general Stoer-Bulirsch algorithm is employed in developing a new AFS scheme.


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  11. All-season tires in standard 16, optional 17 or 18 inches and bi-Zenon headlights with AFS headlights, the Tiguan looks impressive from the outside.


  12. Objective In order to study detection of micro-tin content in water, AFS-230 Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer was used.

  主意 运用AFS— 2 30原子荧光说明仪对饮用水中微量锡含量的测定形式举行琢磨说明。

  13. Unlike less sophisticated systems which are merely directly link ed to a cars steering, or use additional lights, the AFS controller controls the lighting direction of each low beam unit, link ed to steering input and the speed of the car.


  14. This paper describes the infuenced casting quality and the controlled limit of different molding sand properties, such as compactability, water content, permeability, green strength, AFS clay content, grain fineness, effective bentonite content, effective coal dust content, toughness, stripping property, flowability.


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  15. It is the trend in development of the steering system. Most of the existing AFS systems are developed in association with hydraulic power units and a planetary gear set.


  16. I plan to install the AFS into my forward watertight container and connect it to my ballast tank Clippard valves.


  17. The details are listed as following: We improved the traditional thin-layer cell. The problem of leakage of cell, usually existed in the traditional sealing method by screw, was resolved by the utilization of new sealing method with screw thread. A new disk electrolytic cell was designed.


  18. In addition, new Focus features an available tyre pressure Deflation Detection System and all new Focus models come fitted with an automatic hazard warning light activation system which warns following drivers of emergency braking manoeuvres.

  其余福克斯的AFS以及卤素大灯获得深化,新款福克斯的3门和5门掀背车以及息闲观光车还会配备更亮更能干的LED尾灯,其余新款福克斯还会配备DDS,其余值得一提的是新款福克斯假使急切刹车时编制会主动掀开双闪警报灯来指AFS是什么意思 AFS在线翻译 什么意思的的翻译的解释发音同义词反义词例句相关引后车司机细心坚持车距。

  19. Also, when Fords Adaptive Front lighting System or HID Bi-Xenon headlights are specified, new Focus will be fitted with bright and distinctive LED rear lights which are fitted to all three- and five-door hatchbacks, as well as the wagon. In addition, new Focus features an available tyre pressure Deflation Detection System and all new Focus models come fitted with an automatic hazard warning light activation system which warns following drivers of emergency braking manoeuvres.


  20. Edward Furia, the firms chief executive, reckons the extra kit would add around $8, 700 to the price of a petrol-only vehicle were it put into mass production.

  AFS Trinity公司的首席奉行官爱德华弗利亚猜度正在批量投产后,加装了这一配置的车辆的价值会比只装汽油策划机的车辆的价值逾越8700美元。

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